Bay FM


Playing the best alternative tracks from the 70s, 80s and 90s, Bay FM is Hawke’s Bay’s only 100% local, non-mainstream radio station. Celebrating everything from Devo to Depeche Mode, Bowie to the Bunnymen and The Cure to the Clash, you won’t find a single 90s boy band on their playlists. Creating a brand identity for Bay FM required hours of research (volume up loud, headphones optional), bringing back happy memories of Hawke’s Bay summers and misspent youths.

Drawing on Hawke’s Bay’s reputation as the ‘fruitbowl of New Zealand’, we took the iconic Devo hat and turned it into a fruitbowl, filled with a mash-up of music legends. And just to keep it local, we threw in Napier’s famous Te Pania statue for good measure.

And just like Bay FM, the new brand identity is slightly out of mainstream, edgy and has plenty of attitude.